About Us: What Makes Us Trustworthy?

Welcome to ScamOrGenuine.com! We're a team of experts who have specialized in reviewing online sites and apps to help you steer clear of scams. We also share our travel experiences, focusing on travel scams we and our friends, family, and relatives have encountered in different countries.

We understand that you've probably come across similar statements in the "About Us" sections of many websites. However, what sets us apart is that we bring genuine expertise to the table. How? Let us provide you with a detailed explanation.

Before we introduce our team members — De Suman Roka, Pooja Ghimire, and N.B. Roka — let's delve into what we do and what distinguishes us as experts in this field.

What sets us apart? We're real experts to identify scams. Let us explain why and how.

Our journey began in 2009 when our team member, De Suman Roka, started working online. As the editor, founder, researcher, and writer of ScamOrGenuine.com, he faced numerous scams in online jobs and investments previously.

Realizing the challenges of making money online, Suman delved into research on online work and investment companies, receiving online training on subjects like Digital Marketing, Cybersecurity, Disruptive Strategy, and so on from multiple online training platforms including Stanford Online.

Suman eventually found success by promoting affiliate programs from companies like Amazon, Wealthy Affiliate (related to hosting and training), and so on. To prevent others from falling into scams, he started sharing his experiences on his first website, established in 2014.

While working online, Suman also discovered other scams like text messages and online stores/shopping apps/e-commerce. He expanded his coverage on his first website to address these issues. Recognizing the prevalence of scam online stores, shopping apps, text messages and online investment schemes, he formed a team and launched another website in 2016.

If you want to know the names and other details of companies and websites that Suman Roka is operating, then you can check his Facebook profile. You can find the link to his Facebook profile at the end of this ABOUT US page.

Suman provided training to his team members, namely Pooja Ghimire, and N.B. Roka, instructing them to identify such scams and write reviews about them.

However, our battle against scams faced a new challenge: other review websites replicating our content. To combat this, we launched ScamOrGenuine.com on October, 2023, to prevent content spamming.

Another reason we created ScamOrGenuine.com to offer impartial reviews without promoting anything. While we have promoted very few genuine companies in our previous websites, we decided not to promote anyting on ScamOrGenuine.com.

ScamOrGenuine.com contains no affiliate links or promotional content. The only ads you'll see here are provided by the ad network, as detailed in our Disclaimer section.

Let's break down the details about why do we open three websites with almost similar niches.

As mentioned earlier, many websites tend to copy our content regularly. When we notice consistent copying from our one site, we switch to posting on another one to maintain originality in our research and content. We strongly believe in creating unique content through our own investigation rather than duplicating from other sites.

Copied content not only clutters search engines but also lacks the authenticity we strive for. That's why we conduct our research, ensuring our articles are crafted by real humans with expertise in their respective fields based on experience and education.

In 2014, when we began our first website, there weren't any review sites like ours. However, there was a site called Scamadviser that used automated tools to scan websites and identify scams—they're still one of the best at it. While a few blogs and social media forums talked about scams, they didn't provide dedicated human-researched reviews like we did.

We're industry pioneer and we hate replicate content.

We are the ones who began sharing researched articles created by real people with expertise in their fields, drawing from their experiences and education. So, we take pride in being pioneers to identify scams, focusing on online jobs, investments, and shopping apps and e-commerce/online stores.

We've identified patterns in scam sites, uncovering common parent company names such as KENTESH, MANNER TRADING, LANDBASE TRADING, SAKER TECH, LETSORT LIMITED, FADEL-BEATTY LIMITED, NOVVA LIMITED, XBP INTERNATIONAL, MEXONG, SUPIC COMPANY, and many more. This information, once unique to us, is now used by multiple review sites to identify scams.

Likewise, our discoveries extend to identifying similarities among scam sites, including identical product images, details, policy pages, ineffective social media icons and so on. We're committed to continuous exploration, confident that we'll uncover new scam patterns in the future.

Now, other reviewers are following what we have discovered to write their reviews. There are numerous sites out there that replicate our research work. If you want evidence, feel free to email us at "info@scamorgenuine.com", and we can show you proof of those sites copying our content.

This shows that our work is genuine and trustworthy, making us one of the most experienced reviewers in this field.

Until now, we've already protected 20M+ people from over 40K+ different scams.

Whether it's our previous websites or ScamOrGenuine, our goal remains the same: to raise awareness about scams and reach as many people as possible.

However, at ScamOrGenuine.com, we don't write promotional content, ensuring completely unbiased reviews. It's another reason behind launching this third website.

Additionally, on this website, we provide video reviews for your convenience. Some posts include both videos and text reviews, allowing you to choose whether you prefer to read or watch the review.

Our Motto: Scam Coverage, Genuine Reviews, and Travel Insights

Aforementioned, ScamOrGenuine's main motto is to offer unbiased reviews without any promotional content. You won't find any affiliate links in our content here.

However, here at ScamOrGenuine.com, our motto goes beyond exposing online work, business, email, text messages, and e-commerce/store/shopping app scams. We're committed to sharing insights on various scams.

For example, since we travel to different countries, we've decided to shed light on Travel Scams we've identified or faced. We gather information not only from our own experiences but also by consulting friends, family, and relatives who travel, and by researching online forums such as TripAdvisor.

While we cover a range of scams, the majority of our articles focus on online store/e-commerce/shopping app scams, as well as text, email, online job and investment scams. You can find those articles in our "Scams" and "Doubtful" categories.

However, it's not that we only write about scams, we also write reviews of genuine sites which you can find in our "Genuine" category. We believe in maintaining unbiased reviews on ScamOrGenuine by not promoting these genuine sites—no affiliate links are provided when we post these reviews on this website.

We have also provided a section to write your own reviews, which you can find at "Report A Scam" section. Once we moderate your review to filter against spams, we published them on "Customer Reviews" section.

How do we write reviews and content about scams? How do we identify scams?

When it comes to writing reviews and content about scams, we take a unique approach. Unlike others who simply copy and paste information from different websites, we conduct our thorough research.

Our first step is to identify scam ads, particularly on social media platforms, ad networks, gaming apps, and other applications. However, when we come across genuine ads, we review them and feature them in our "Genuine" category.

We thoroughly check details such as "About Us," company address, contact phone number, trust seal logos, and more to verify their authenticity.

In cases where we encounter confusion about the legitimacy of an online store, we even make purchases to have a real experience data. Although, in most instances, we don't need to buy products when we come across online stores or shopping apps that resemble previous scam ones.

Here, we explain in detail our process for checking scam sites, apps, and text messages:

Contact Info:

We check contact Info in any sites or apps. Since, real websites have real contact info, like a real address and a working phone number. However, scam sites either don’t have contact info or give fake ones.

Email Address:

To identify scam emails or text messages, we start by checking their email address. Many scams pretend to be from reputable companies, but their email addresses often don't match the official domain of those companies.

Discounts and Offers:

Genuine websites usually don’t give unbelievable huge discounts. So, we always check the real market of products that those sites or apps have listed on sale. If something is too good to be true, then definitely that is not true.

Copied Content:

We check content of websites and apps. Since, scam websites or apps often steal content from other genuine or scam sites. So, if we see the same stuff on different websites and apps, then that is definitely a red flag.

You should know many scam websites have same kinds of policy pages, "About Us" pages, contact phone numbers, addresses, parent company names, product images, product details and so on. At least most of them have something common.

Website Security:

We check if any website has SSL security or not. We also check trust seal logos like McAfee, Norton, etc. You should know that you can click on real trust seals, and they will take you to official verification pages. However, fake ones are not clickable or take you to random pages.

Customer Complaints:

We try to find out if there are any complaints from customers about certain website or app or not. A few complaints mixed with mostly good reviews suggest a decent reputation. However, if there are lots of complaints and negative reviews, be cautious.

Social Media Links:

We also examine the social media icons on websites and apps. Scam websites or apps might not provide any social media icons, or provide the fake ones that don’t lead to the company’s real social media pages or profiles.

Fake Promises:

Websites, apps, emails or text messages that promise big money for easy work, super-fast profits, or instant weight loss are often scams.

Also, if you get offers like unbelievable deals, sales that sound too good to be true, surprise gift cards, prizes, or lottery wins out of nowhere, they’re usually just tricks to fool you.


We check the website registration date using WHOIS. Most of the scam sites are brand-new ones. Hence, we have found that most of the scammers close their sites within few weeks.

Other Website Names:

We check the content of websites or apps to find out if they have other website names on their policy pages, checkout page, or at the bottom of their pages. Since, scam sites mostly make blunder while they copy-paste their details.

Also, some scam websites use different names for their website than their domain name. Furthermore, they might even use popular company names as their website name instead of their domain name. Be careful when you see this.

Brand Name Or Company Name Misuse:

Some scam websites, email and text messages misuse different brands names or companies' names such as Costco, IKEA, Amazon, Rolex, Nike, etc. So, we verify them with their domain names. Since genuine sites have domain name related to the brand name while scams have unrelated ones.

Email and Text message messages from email address and contact phone number unrelated to the mentioned brand are mostly the scam ones.

Meet Our Team Members:

Below you can find brief introduction of our team member:

De Suman Roka

De Suman Roka

De Suman Roka, the editor, founder, researcher, and writer of this website, has been involved in online business since 2009. He has been researching various types of scams since 2014, making him an expert in identifying scams.

He's highly qualified with a master's degree in environmental engineering, a bachelor's degree in civil engineering, and multiple online courses in Cybersecurity, Digital Marketing, Disruptive Strategy, Blogging, and more from various online training platforms including Stanford Online.

You can check the various group, pages and profiles that Suman Roka is linked within his Facebook profile, who/which definitely help him to gather more info against scams. You can find link to his Facebook profile below.

De Suman Roka is from Kathmandu Nepal. However, he frequently travel to various countries, mostly around China, India and USA.

Pooja Ghimire

Pooja Ghimire

Pooja Ghimire, the founder/researcher/writer/editor of this website. She had faced lots of scams in the past due to which she finally decided to use her experience to save others from scams. Involving with online industry since 2013, she has gained lots of knowledge regarding online businesses and activities.

In 2016, she teamed up with De Suman Roka and got training from him to find out scams and write their reviews.

With over 15 years of banking experience and expertise in sales, marketing, investment, research, and analysis, etc., Pooja Ghimire also brings prior experience in dealing with scams. She has obtained trainings on various topics related to banking frauds and forgeries, credit proposals and financial analysis, customer relations and care, marketing and sales, strategic networking and relationship management, strategic planning and analysis, and many others.

With her ample knowledge and experience, she not only provides reviews on e-commerce and shopping app scams on our website but also explores investment schemes and text message scams.

N. B. Roka

N. B. Roka

N. B. Roka handles the social media and comment part of our website. He is now in Kathmandu, Nepal, previously resided in USA for almost 10 years.

Our Social Media Pages and Other Contact Details:

Twitter Profile of De Suman Roka - twitter.com/DeSumanRoka

Facebook Profile of De Suman Roka - facebook.com/rajde029/

Facebook Profile of Pooja Ghimire - facebook.com/pooja.ghimire.1

You can contact us at this email address: info@scamorgenuine.com

Remember to stay safe while using websites and apps or traveling to various places!