Travel Scams In Montenegro: How to Safeguard Your Journey

Travel Scams in Montenegro include Taxi Tangle at the Airport, Dubious Activity Bookings, Traffic Fine Trickery, Pickpocket, The Fake Fine Fiasco, Tricky Accommodation Rates, and so on.

However, in this article, we’ll explore various travel scams in Montenegro and provide you very easy safety tips to protect yourself from falling victim to these scam schemes.


Nestled in the heart of the Balkans, Montenegro invites travelers with its stunning Adriatic coastline, blending history, nature, and warm hospitality.

Bordered by Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, and Albania, this picturesque country not only boasts a rich cultural tapestry but also some of Europe's most breathtaking mountains, towering over 2,100 meters for an awe-inspiring backdrop.

Montenegro, especially popular in summer, ensures safe exploration, from bustling cities along the Montenegrin Riviera to serene landscapes.

About Travel Scams In Montenegro
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Uncovering Travel Scams In Montenegro

Taxi Tangle at the Airport:

Tourist scams often involve overpriced airport taxis. Dishonest drivers might charge too much for short trips. To avoid this, book your transfer beforehand or use trusted taxi services. Always negotiate the fare before starting your journey.

Beware of Bogus Taxis:

In the city, be careful with unlicensed taxis. These rogue cabs may not have meters, leading to random fares. So, stick to official taxi companies and insist on an estimated fare before your ride.

Dubious Activity Bookings:

Booking activities through non-official channels can lead to scams. Thus, engage only with registered companies and ask for recommendations from your accommodation. Platforms like Get Your Guide offer secure and genuine experiences.

Traffic Fine Trickery:

Tourists driving foreign cars may face unwarranted police stops. Therefore, follow traffic rules, stay within speed limits, and if stopped, comply without confrontation. Always ask for a receipt for any fine to ensure its legitimacy.

Pickpocketing Travel Scams in Montenegro:

Tourist hotspots can attract pickpockets, especially in summer. Hence, keep your valuables secure, be cautious, and consider using anti-theft accessories.

The Fake Fine Fiasco:

A prevalent scam involves alleged fines imposed by the police. Stay vigilant, follow traffic rules, and if confronted with a fine, pay through official channels. Request a receipt to avoid unregistered payments.

Tricky Accommodation Rates:

Be cautious of misleading accommodation rates. Confirm the total cost before settling in and book through reputable platforms. Scammers may exploit your unfamiliarity with local currency, leaving you with an inflated bill.

Currency Exchange Travel Scams in Montenegro:

Watch out for currency scams, especially during exchanges. Use official exchange offices and verify rates to prevent being shortchanged. Be cautious when approached by street money changers.

The "Closed" Attraction Ruse:

Scammers may falsely claim attractions are closed, redirecting you to pricier destinations. Thus, verify information from reliable sources and trust your instincts.

Unauthorized Guided Tours:

While exploring, stick to licensed guides recommended by your accommodation or reputable travel platforms for a genuine experience.

Street Performer Swindle:

Some street performers may demand payment. Politely decline, as reputable entertainers usually perform for voluntary tips.

Fake Police Officers Travel Scams in Montenegro:

Beware of individuals posing as police officers. Always ask for identification and insist on moving to a public area if in doubt.

Sim Card Shenanigans:

When buying a local SIM card, be cautious of inflated prices and hidden charges. Opt for official stores, confirm costs upfront, and avoid deals with street vendors.

The 'Helpful' Local Guide Gimmick:

A seemingly helpful local might lead you into a scam. Stay skeptical, decline unsolicited assistance, and rely on official information sources.

Credit Card Skimming:

Exercise caution when using credit cards, especially in less crowded areas. Prefer cash transactions and use secure ATMs.

Beachfront Bargain Bluff Travel Scams in Montenegro:

On the Montenegrin Riviera, scammers may offer beachfront bargains. Verify services, negotiate prices in advance, and read reviews.

Fake Accommodation Listings:

Scammers may create fake accommodation listings online. Use reputable booking platforms, read reviews, and communicate directly with the property.

Unofficial Parking Attendants:

In popular tourist spots, unauthorized parking attendants might demand payment. Use official parking areas, confirm rates, and avoid dealing with individuals lacking proper credentials.

The Deceptive Currency Swap:

During transactions, be cautious of deceptive currency swaps. Count your change and ensure the correct currency is returned, especially in busy markets.

Street Vendor Shenanigans:

Street vendors may use high-pressure tactics. Be firm, decline if uninterested, and compare prices before making a purchase.

Additional Guide to Avoiding Travel Scams In Montenegro

Ensure a Smooth Arrival:

To begin your trip hassle-free, consider pre-booking your airport transfer.

Verify Prices Before Committing:

To avoid surprises, it's crucial to confirm prices for services and activities in advance.

Stay Informed to Avoid Scams:

Make sure you have reliable information from trustworthy sources to steer clear of scams during your travels.

Rely on Reputable Platforms:

When it comes to bookings and recommendations, it's wise to trust well-known travel platforms.

Stay Vigilant and Trust Instincts:

Throughout your journey, remain aware of your surroundings. Moreover, always trust your instincts for a safer experience.

Decline Unsolicited Help:

To enhance your safety, avoid accepting assistance from strangers, and instead, rely on official information.

Secure Your Belongings:

Utilize anti-theft accessories to keep your valuables safe during your travels.

Choose Official Services:

For an authentic experience, opt for licensed guides, taxis, and accommodations.

Exercise Caution with Currency:

Prevent scams by using official exchange offices and confirming rates before making any transactions.

Use Secure Payment Methods:

For added security, consider utilizing cash transactions and secure ATMs. Also, regularly monitor your credit card activity.

FAQs About Travel Scams in Montenegro

Is it safe to visit Montenegro?

Absolutely! Montenegro is generally safe for tourists. However, it's essential to be smart with your belongings and stay aware.

Can I trust taxis in Montenegro?

Yes, official taxis are reliable. It's recommended to pre-book or use licensed city cabs, and always agree on fares beforehand.

What Travel Scams In Montenegro should I watch out for?

Keep an eye out for taxi tricks, fake fines, pickpockets, and unauthorized guides. To stay safe, make sure to book ahead and use trusted platforms.

How do I avoid falling for Travel Scams In Montenegro?

It's simple – pre-book, confirm prices, stay informed and use reliable platforms. Also stick to official services.

Is there a risk of encountering fake police officers?

While it's rare, it's still possible. Check IDs and, when in doubt, head to a public spot. Real officers won't mind.

Are credit card skimming incidents a common Travel Scams In Montenegro?

Be cautious, especially in quiet places. It's advisable to use cash, stick to secure ATMs, as well as keep a close eye on your credit card statements.

Can I trust unsolicited help from locals or is it a part of Travel Scams in Montenegro?

Exercise caution. Politely decline and rely on official information. Meanwhile, avoid falling for overly helpful locals – trust your instincts.

Any safety tips for driving in Montenegro?

Follow traffic rules, drive safely, and insist on official receipts for fines. Also, exercise extra caution near the Kosovo border.

How secure are accommodations in Montenegro?

Generally secure, but it's important to confirm prices beforehand. Likewise, consider booking through reputable platforms and communicate directly with properties.

What are the emergency contact numbers in Montenegro?

For police emergencies, dial 112. In case of health issues, dial 123.

Our Closing Statement On Travel Scams in Montenegro

In conclusion, Montenegro is a travel gem, offering diverse experiences from azure coasts to rugged mountains. Despite some scams, staying informed enhances safety.

Nevertheless, opt for trusted services, pre-book transfers, and explore this haven with warm hospitality and captivating landscapes. Start your Montenegrin adventure, where each moment tells a unique story.

Now that you know our final verdict for Travel Scams in Montenegro, here’s what we suggest you do:

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Keep it simple, stay savvy, and have a fantastic trip to Montenegro!

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